Hard time getting great sounds

I know this is probably a common newbie topic but let me explain.

I’ve used line 6 podfarm in the past and it was fine for what it was and when it came out.
I now own the Cory Wong, Tim Henson, and Nameless Fortin plug-ins. I think they’re really good and I know my issue is user error.

I have Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz pickups in old American (Canadian) Kramers running into a Scarlett 4i4 (set to instrument)

I usually run my plugins through logic so I can put hi pass and lo pass filters on my guitar sounds to cut mud and shrapnel. (Cut lows at 130-150 and cut hi’s at approximately 6300-6500).

I have run them as stand alone as well.

I can’t get a great sound for the life of me. I will tweak a tone a little at a time so as to avoid ear fatigue (not knowing what is good or bad) and I find the distortion is ratty and the eq is all over the place. Sometimes the miss sound scooped (I’m pretty sure this is mic placement etc and not just eq alone) I usually run a 81 JCM800 with a Marshall guv’nor or sd-1 to tighten the gain (a little gain from the amp + a little gain from the pedal stops that hi gain flab. I do t use hi gain but it is mid gain settings for sure.

This post isn’t to berate the plugins. Again I think they’re really good. My whole end goal is to fine tune awesome sounds which I know is totally possible with the neural plugins.

Sorry for the high school length essay and thank you in advance for any and all help.


could be many things… make sure theres no clipping, adjust your input and gain … on the other end look at what you are using to monitor since that may affect the sound as well, try using earphones etc
im assuming you´ve tried the presets on the plugins? has not a single preset felt good?
i´d say try the presets and find one you like and adjust from there.

Hi Cheems. Thanks for the quick reply.
I have genelec so I’m good there. I don’t usually mix or judge sounds with headphones as it’s not a great representation of what is truly coming out of the DAW or standalone.
I’m not clipping. I’ve got good levels in and out for sure.
I’ve gone through the presets and none really jump out as being truly honed well. I understand the issue with different individual set up’s and guitars etc.

I’m assuming the answer is what I figured it would be before I posted here. Get a patch and delete/normalize everything and start from scratch one parameter at a time.

Again thanks for the quick reply and suggestions. If there’s any other tips I’m totally open to hear anything.


yes my friend, i´d say try building one from the bottom up, might be some work but thats the sure way to know where the issue might be -if there´s one- or if it´s just adjusting things to your taste
I´d suggest trying with the cory wong amps since they are very clean and then add external pedals or effects from other plugins
hopefully this helps! do share if you find a solution

I agree. Check leads, levels and everything as it all adds up to the final sound.

Also try using some of the presets as a starting point

I’ve been working at getting a good sound for a little over an hour now (on and off so as to not get ear fatigue)

I don’t think I should have to work this hard to get a good tone. I’ve spend the past 20+ years recording with all sorts of gear in different studios including my own and have not had this issue. It’s not the cables or levels. The eq of the cabs with the simulated mics seems to be part of my issue. The gain tones are not really great at all either. The eq itself seems to be nice but as far as getting the tone I’m not at the eq stage yet. I’m still trying to hone with the amp, cab, mics, and the overdrive pedals. I shut off the eq, delay, reverb etc.

I’ll keep at it but is there a place I can upload what I have?