Disappointing, weak and awful

I am really trying to like the Archetype JP, but it just sounds awful.

The sound is really harsh and weak at the same time. It sounds like taking a really cheap fuzz and plugging it into a really cheap novelty practice amp you clip on your belt. There is just no power there at all…just a harsh fizzy noisy super bright sound.

I can also hear the original ‘clean’ sound of the guitar buried in the mix which really doesn’t help. No idea why that is there or how to remove it.

I have a Kemper and an Axe FX (and other various pedals) so I have some idea on getting gear to work.

I have tried various guitars and cables etc. I am using a Focusrite 8i6 to interface with the PC.

I really wished I did the trial, but I guess I got caught up in the youtube hype along with JP putting his name to this. My fault for wanting something easy to use on occasion than a whole bunch of extra gear.

Any help or general pointers very much appreciated.