8 string settings for "that tone"

Can anyone share some settings for a heavy, sharp, punchy 8 string ? I’m thinking along the lines of Sleep Token, Volumes, Northlane, etc. Thanks much in advance! :+1:

Are you new to the 8 string? Just curious. But typically your going to need a bass amp to get those tones because of the string tension depending on your tunings. I am pretty new to other than 6 strings and when I got my baritone I tried 7 and 8s and was told some very interesting things about the way they work. So I am wondering if you know about this? 8 strings and the low magnetic output of guitar pickups really doesnt work on them because the way they are made. In order to get that punch growl you need a bass amp pushing big power. Guitar cabs dont sound good. Just my opinion.

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No, I’ve been playing 8’s now for around 3 years or so. And the tone I’m speaking of is that “chainish” top end with resonance when you upstroke the low string, Eb in my case. I’m getting close using the 160 mic. I get it from all the Fortin and Granophyre plug-ins. I’m just new to the neural DSP stuff and have been on the trial periods. I just think I want to actually purchase the Nolly as I find it the most versatile. I’ve got some really good High Gain stuff from the Nolly, just not “that” sound. Then again I haven’t tried the Gojira yet… :thinking:

You don’t need a bass amp to get that tone from an 8 string. In my opinion, nameless, abasi, Cali, and gojira hands lower tunings the best. I would start by EQing some low end out. I roll the gain back pretty hard which sounds counterintuitive in a high gain tone but it brings a lot of clarity in the lower range. Also, understand that a lot of that tone you’re looking for is in the bass. Those mixes are eq’d for that “wall of sound” so keep that in mind. When I solo my guitars in a mix they tend to sound kind of thin.