User manual for quad cortex

Hi, when can we expect to see the Full quad cortex user manual, before or after first tier’ launch.?

I’d expect it around launch time. You can’t really do the documentation until the feature is complete so the documentation is unlikely to be “done” until launch.

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Maybe, I’m in the minority, but being able to view a PDF manual, even if a handful of sections are left out, pending further development, would be very helpful in terms of making the decision to purchase the quad or not, or at least get myself on the waiting list to purchase. Then again, depending on the customer service on this forum, they can answer our questions quick enough. I new to this forum today, but I’d imagine that with the Quad being close to release, there’s not a ton of knowledgeable users taking the burden off the admins, especially at a time when there’s a lot of people inquiring on this new product.


Will the amp/pedals real equivalent be listed in the manual?

The new page for QC does not say, sometimes its not easy to know what it is :slight_smile:

I suggested on a Facebook group that it would be wise for NDSP to provide access to a manual before customers are charged in full. I got absolutely dismembered by fanboys who claimed that if I’m worried about features I should never have preordered in the first place.

I would imagine a hard copy manual would need to be provided with the unit, so all I was suggesting is provide a digital version of this to pre order customers when it is ready so it can clarify some functionality questions.

Thankfully, I got a much more positive response when I emailed NDSP directly who mentioned they were working on getting the manual up on their website as soon as possible.

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My guess is it won’t, for no other reason than legality. But I’m sure some user out there will make such a list soon enough that you can make a copy of.

Line 6 does it, I believe Headrush does too.
I think it is legal to say ‘‘with out Brit 800 modelisation we used a JCM800’’ since it is not a JCM, but a capture/modelisation - which belongs to you

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I wouldn’t bet on it. IIRC, my Helix shipped with a flash drive.

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I’m ok with a flash drive

I do admit that sometimes a hard copy is more useful (or more like a quickstart guide)

AGREED — if you can’t provide information; you’re hiding something (what it doesn’t have and can’t do)

Definitely the idea with a USB stick is one of the few silly inventions in Line6. Well, they would put at least a capacious one so that it can be used, but there is only 128MB. By the time I bought Helix, I had already read through the manual downloaded from the site several times. I just can’t imagine a person who buys a guitar processor for more than $ 1000 and does not have Internet access. And a paper manual is also not needed, those few people who are attracted by the smell of paper can print it themselves. You should not destroy trees for the sake of a book that will be in the hands of a person for no more than two hours in total.


sorry i meant any kind of copy - i don’t mind if it’s hard copy or digital.

To clarify, QC will ship with a quick start guide. The full manual will be a PDF download. The manual will be updated frequently due to new features and updates, so a printed version is unsustainable. The manual will be available when pre-orders ship.


Thanks Dan! I like the Quick start thing or cheat sheet.

Hi Dan, this is great. You mention it will be available “when pre-orders ship” - is there an option to provide it to T1/2 customers before they are charged in full?

Nice, I’ll be able to read the manual while the unit ships :slight_smile:

It is available: Quad Cortex User Manual 1.0.0

Kind of weird how the Undo & Redo icons in the manual are both pointing counter-clockwise.

page 19? I wonder if that’s just a minor oversight in the Manual.