Hello, I'd like to inquire about using Quad-Coretex fxloop


I’m a quad-coretex user.

I’m sending it to the pa system through Output 1 and 2

I am sending it to the amp using output 3.

I am using the golden reverb through the Sand Return terminal.

I have to turn off the cabinet for the output sent to the amp, so I have to split it and use it, but I have no choice but to apply the FX loop to one row.

So I can’t use a separate reverb pedal for the output to the amp. I want to use Fxloop for both outputs 1, 2 and 3.

Is there any way to use the FX loop in two rows without moving the cabinet simulation behind the reverb?

I’m asking if it’s possible to update later or if there’s anything I’m missing.

You’ll probably find that effects before cab isn’t very different than effects after cab as long as they are linear (no distortion or compressor blocks). See Cab Position HD 1080p - YouTube

I use the QC in a similar manner as you. Output 1 (mono, anyway) with cab block to a PA system and Output 3 with no cab block to a power amp and physical 4x12 cabinet.

I use both external send/return loops before the split happens. I’m running lots of modulation, delay, and reverb with external pedals in the loops because I like it that way. The signal split to the multiple outputs happens after the loop return. Everything sounds great. No issues.

After the cab block going to Output 1, I add extra EQ and compression just to keep things neat and tidy for whoever is running front-of-house.

Effects loop return → split signal → cab block to Outputs 1&2, and direct Output 3 to power amp

Thank you!
However, if you put the fx loop in front of the cab, the 1st and 2nd outs to the pa system are converted to mono.
What can I do to keep my stereo? Do I have to give a hard panning in Cab?

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Yes, you have to pan hard left/right in the cab module otherwise your effects will sum to mono.