Headphone Volume too low

I’m trying something different.

I am trying to route the headphone to be an in ear mix for me on fly dates. Only problem is I cant seem to get it loud enough without getting that digital crackle from clipping.

I turn the master volume all the way up. Turn the outputs all the way up (the ones I want to hear) but still isn’t very loud and I fear with a Drummer I will struggle.

Using nice JH audio molded in ears.

Anybody hear (lol) of any fixed.

Thanks in advance.


In ears may be too high of impedance? Is it louder with normal earphones?


Too high or too low an impedance in a pair of headphones (or IEMs in this case) can cause volume or sound quality and accuracy problems. The trick is to match the output impedance with the headphones’ impedance. This is not a direct correlation but a complementary one. The rule of thumb is to use the rule of eighths - Quote from HeadPhonesty.com “The term ‘rule of eighths ’ is used as a rough guide. Divide the headphone impedance by 8, and that is the maximum source output impedance (32 ohm headphones / 8 = 4 ohm maximum source output impedance). In practice, it isn’t that strict a rule and often success can be had with a greater range.”

The other critical spec for your headphones is sensitivity. Some headphones are more efficient than others and can generate a higher SPL from a lower output signal.

Does anyone on the forum know the rated output impedance for the Quad Cortex’s headphone output?


Interesting stuff. Side note I’m able to use my in ears with the helix without issue.

FYI - the Quad Cortex requires headphones with a low impedance. If you want studio quality sound that will work with the QC then check out Beyerdynamic as they do both closed & open back options that will work with any device irrespective of impedance requirements. :wink:

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Thanks man. Unfortunately that’s been ruled out. I have run through with my studio headphones that are low impedance and still have the same problem.

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What model studio headphones do you have? I ask this because most studio headphones have a high impedance.

I only mentioned Beyer because they do a couple of models that will work with anything so they’re a good way to go if you want a studio grade set to pair with the QC.

You could always try a set of consumer level earbuds or something if you’re concerned that you have an issue with your unit (Apple earbuds or whatever).

Tried it with My Audio Technica M50x’s and my Sennheiser HD 660s. I’m sure it’s out of necessity but a lot of similar units have the same thread and low impedance needs. And if most headphones are high impedance wouldn’t it make more sense to have the output be hi impedance. In any case I don’t think this is the issue.

Have you contacted support yet? Sounds like it could be a hardware issue

I’ve just looked up the models of headphones that you have & the Audio Technica’s should work but the Sennheiser’s will likely be too quiet. Might be a good idea to contact support if it’s too quiet with the Audio Technica’s as well.

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I’ll be doing that today. Wanted to start here to see if anybody else had the fix.

Cool; hope I was of some help.

Btw, you probably already included this in your testing, but if not, I would definitely roll through some of the Factory presets to make sure the issue is not the levels or routing in the user presets you have designed.

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Just use an headphone amp you have LD or behrinringer options for 30$. Use standard headphone output…

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I run sennheiser hx 600 high impedance version no problems with quad output

My Hx stomp struggles a little with the same headphones … I had a mind that the QC Headphone amp was actually quite good by comparison to sone other modellers .

It’s not bad by any means and works for setting up scenes and practicing alone. I just need a little more volume with a live drummer. I think the headphone amp is the way I’m gonna go.

Hello, I simply bought a small headphone amp by Lake People - problem solved, I can use any pair of headphones I like, and the sound is superb.

It might be trivial but did you check the settings for the headphone out in the I/O panel (swipe down)?
In addition to that, you could make a cloud backup of your QC, then do a factory reset, check if you still have this issue with stock presets and headphone out. You can then easily restore your QC from backup to the previous state.

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Your InEars should easily be powered by the QC. So I would guess something is set up wrong.
When you go to the I/O Settings and tap on the Headphones output, what outputs are shown and what levels have you set for each of them? A picture would do it as well. Also at what level does it clip?

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I think I have the same issue. It sounds like the headphones are broken and rattling but it only happens with the QC at a certain volume and higher (no nothing is clipping). Maybe it’s not a very good headphone amp. The one in the Kemper is way louder and cleaner.

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