Output clipping

I have just bought the quad cortex. I have just been using plugins before, so i’m new to this.

I use quad cortex with usb to my Mac and Headphones in the quad cortex. I have set the input level for the guitar, so there is no clipping there. When i go to i/o setting and look at the out level its clipping. And when i record the di signal is «clean» bit the signal with amp is Really loud. When i listen to old Stuff that i have recorded in Logic before, the songs har clipping. When i listen back from my daw with Headphones and then look at i/o settings the hp level is clipping. When i turn the hp level down, its still clipping.

Is it something wrong with the quad cortex or is it something i do wrong?
I have a row with noise gate, overdrive 808, cab and cab.

hey, best way to troubleshoot this is to shoot a message over to the support team at support@neuraldsp.com .