Harley Benton FRFR-112A users, with Guitar and Bass, please chime in

Hey gang.

Got 2 basic questions to kick-off, but hope to make this thread into a knowledge base/owner’s club kind of deal.

Almost about to pull the plug on a couple of these, for a couple of reasons.

I’m reading a few good reviews that the HB’s actually sound “better” that Headrush, flatter and less hyped in lows and high. But mainly, because the HB’d have built int speaker cab sims. Now, I don’t expect these to blow my mind, but for my setup it is not a deal breaker. In fact, it will save me some cab IR processing power on the QC that I dearly need.

So my two kick-off questions are…

  1. With speaker sim turned on, will the XLR out to the main PA also inherit the speaker sim, or is it pass-through? This is the ultimate deal breaker for me right now

  2. How does one of these fair as a Bass FRFR? Can it keep up with drum set in a small gig/rehearsal space?

For reference, will be doing a power-duo, where the guitar will do stereo chain + another independent chain for bass using octave down + effects

Hope to hear your thoughts!

You need to use two paths to have a FOH/IEM output with cab block, and a separate backline output into a powered guitar speaker with no cab block.

The FRFR you choose will determine whether it will keep up with a drum kit or not. I use a Line6 Powercab 112+ for gigs. It does just fine. I generally use it in Raw mode, as a powered guitar speaker. Sounds more amp in the room that way.

Ad 1. According to the manual it’s pass-through:

[OUTPUT] | line output, designed as XLR chassis plug. The combined signal of both inputs is present here, unaffected by DSP

Uggg… at least give us the option… there goes my DSP saving hack down the drain… Cheers buddy!

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