Had huge problem at a show (No cancel switch on scene copy)

I love my Quad Cortex but I am looking forward to something’s being updated fast.

I played my first show with my Quad last Friday at a county fair. I use mainly one preset with 6 scenes. I have a couple other specialty presets setup for very specific songs but mainly use one preset. It has a light crunch, a heavy distortion and a lead scene with a couple more scenes with different effects added in.

Any way I must of left my foot on one of the switches too long when changing scenes and the copy scene message came up. There is no cancel switch. I found out after the show you have to bend over and press the screen cancel to actually cancel scene copy. Well this was a disaster. I’m right in the middle of heavy guitar work and apparently copied the scene, which of course wrote over one of my main scenes in the middle of a show.

Two things have to be done right away.

1). make the press of the button longer to enter copy mode.

  1. make one of the switches on the right a cancel button.

Agreed. I had a similar problem. I didn’t even know that feature existed, so it was quite a surprise.

My vote would be to remove it from those switches…maybe put it in the “three dots” menu in the top right corner.

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This needs to go in bugs or feature requests.

Remember, you can always use the undo/redo features whenever needed. It will undo/redo changes to presets, captures and scenes.

Yeah the undo is fine, but when you’re in the middle of playing a solo and it happens, you can’t really bend over and press the small undo button with a finger very easily.