Copy Scene cancel assigned to a switch

Hard cancel switch to cancel scene copy. Can’t bend over in the middle of a show to cancel a scene copy if you did it by mistake.

Also make the length of time to inact scene copy .5 to 1 second longer.

I like this but also feel it should just be taken off the preset switches altogether. It would be fine in the “3 dots” menu for me.

There is a recommendation for this back in March.

You could finish the copy and then just press undo.

I feel like the OP addressed that? It would be easier to reach down and cancel the copy but his point was–and I had this happen again this weekend–sometimes you’re in the middle of something and can’t crouch down to cancel or undo. I just played through until I had time to cancel the copy, but wasn’t able to use the scene I’d set for the solo…after the song was over I reached down to cancel it. It’s pretty annoying. Again, my vote is just take it off those switches altogether.