Ground noise using XLR ouputs

My QC has a noise situation when I connect the two XLR outputs. The output that emits the background noise is on the right while the left is not. I thought it was one of the cables but not because when I use one of them interchangeably there is no noise and it only occurs when both are combined. How can i solve this?

what else is connected on the same power outlets?
Have you tried the Ground Lift on the outputs in the Swipe-down I/O menu?

Only my laptop and a monitor FRFR. I tried ground lift and nothing happens.

Is your laptop connected to the QC by USB? If not, can you test it with a USB cable? That occasionally helps w/ noise, but really the XLRs connecting to a grounded device should do the trick itself.
Just trying to check all possibilities.
What is the background noise- hum? Hiss? How would you describe it?
Is it present if you don’t plug the instrument in?

I don’t use the USB connected from QC to laptop in stage. This, only happens when i run stereo.

Using the ground lift switches on the XLR outputs, as @xush suggested, have you tried all different combinations, e.g. one-on & one-off, switching which output is on/off, both-on, etc…?

What are you connecting your XLR outs to? Two monitors, mixer? Does whatever you are connecting to have a grounded plug? If you are connecting to two monitors, try flipping the ground switch on one of them if they have one.

I would try actually swapping out the cables with two other different cables. This should be a more thorough test for eliminating the cables as the issue than just swapping the existing twos’ outputs, or just testing individual cables across a single output.


I tried different combinations with the ground lift. I’m connecting to a mixer (Behringer XR 18). I tried changing the cables, I used the left output only and there was no noise, the right only and there was no noise.

Time to talk to if you haven’t yet.

Got the same problem. Also have a video showing it.
Do you have any answer from Neural DSP support ?