Noise that goes away when touching knobs on QC

Hi all - my QC makes a hiss noise on pretty much every preset. It goes away when I touch any knob on the QC. Is this the noise issue I see posts about with the power adapter issue?
Thanks for any info.

Yes, it is indeed.

… and it most likely has to do with grounding.
@megadupe21 do you have the QC connected to any other grounded gear or just using headphones?

Thank you for replying.
I have it connected to two studio monitors with XLR cables. And it is plugged into a surge protector.
Any tips are appreciated.

I think, you shouldn’t have the described issue when the monitors are grounded. Not all monitors have a grounded power connection though. Especially budget monitors sometimes exhibit a two-wire AC cable only.

Some power amps and powered monitors have floating grounds, expecting to get their ground from some upstream device, usually a preamp. This avoids ground loops in high-end audio equipment. If your powered monitors are expecting to get their ground reference from their input, and QC is expecting to get its ground reference from its output, then you may have no ground reference.

Note that this can cause issues with QC besides noise. In some cases, the floating ground could damage QC.

Thanks all. I have the QC plugged into a surge protector, and the outputs plugged into 2 Kali Audio LP 6 monitors via XLR cables. Is there anything I can try to confirm it is a grounding issue?

Take a piece of wire, touch one end to metal on the QC i.e. the nut on a 1/4" jack and the other end to ground. If your in the U.S. and live in a building built in the last 40 years, the center screw of a receptacle plate is grounded.