Fortin Cali performance

Hi folks,
My portable system is outdated, it’s 5th gen i5 laptop so I know I can’t expect much, but:
Cali works flawlessly in standalone, yet VST in Waveform 11 hits CPU to 70% resulting in cracks and pops in sound, no matter what buffer size is set to, with other plugins disabled.
Granophyre in same environment works perfectly, hitting my CPU up to 50%, which is enough for GGD and Djinn Bass.
My main system is much more powerful, but I rarely have access to it. I’m hesitating to buy Cali at this moment because of this issue, but if the performance is result of complexity in simulation, than maybe I could live with it :wink:

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I have same issue, but I have really powerfull PC, i7 CPU 8th gen, 4 GHz with 8 threads…and 16 GB of RAM…But as soon as I load VST in Cubase 10, craclking and pops start to appear. If I load in more than 2 audio tracks, playback is almost bitcrushed and recording is crashing.
Customer support replied to me that “Update is coming soon”. That was 14 days ago. 5 days ago they replied again with just “Soon :)”. So, I’ll give it maybe 2 more weeks…if not, I’ll ask back my money.


I have the same issue in Protools ultimate. Nolly works without problem, using Cali the system goes to 100% often, PT stops and the 9173 error appears. I have a six core system with 32 Gig ram.

Well, I’ll disagree on this. I have a powerful PC indeed, but I still haven’t found any such issues. The audio’s absolutely perfect for me, and my CPU usage within Studio One goes from 68% to 71% when I open two instances of Cali Suite that each load 2 IRs, and utilize all 3 pedals. Hence, it’s really curious to me what might be going on. I have a modern AMD Ryzen 9 CPU(24 threads) and 32MB of RAM.

Good for you!
The benchmark on my system is Nolly, which also uses quite some system resources. With Nolly I can use more than one instance. This is not possible with the Cali! The system undulates between 70 and 100% for one instance and to use it for recording is difficult.
I also raised the issue at the Avid DUC forum! Lets see what users say there.

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4 plugins and its over :confused: 100% cpu on PT2020 and crashs.

spec: ryzen 7 2700x/16gb ram 3200mhz

I have Cali performance issues too. One instance of Cali can kill a project in DAW. At the same time, several Omega instances work well. I am really looking forward to the Cali performance fix update.

1.5 months later…no update/fix, eh ? One instance crashes PT11 on Win 7, i7 and 16GB of RAM.


This is frustrating, just bought Cali and the DSP meters max out even on an empty project , with 2 instances. There’s some bad coding here that needs fixing ASAP. Nolly, Abassi everything else runs just fine. Bought it for a clients project and unfortunately can’t use it properly.

Ryzen 9 3900x with 64 gigs of RAM , running Windows10 latest build , Cubase 10.5
RME Multiface 2


Ι have contacted Neural DSP support and they informed me that the CPU spike problem is connected to the speaker cab sim, so for now maybe we should disable them until an update is released

Is it possible to start up Cali without cab sim, by modifying settings file or something similar? Even opening it up crashes my session, but since I have other cab sims, I can try it that way for now.

Same here, I have an older generation i7 CPU and 32gb RAM, windows 7, Prism Audio interface. Standalone mode works perfectly and is the best sounding amp plugin I’ve ever heard, when I try loading it in Cubase 10.5 though, a big mess. It does work flawless when I disengage the cab section and use MixIR2 with Redwirez plugins, but haven’t found equally good tones in this way. Perhaps by disengaging the Cali cab there’s some simulated interaction between amp and cab we’re missing? And perhaps the complex interaction between those are exactly what causes these big perfomance spikes?

I must be lucky… I am on an old Mac i5 with 24 GB ram. I have an rme ufx hooked up and have CPU spikes at around 55 with four individual tracks of Cali, one track Parallax and one track of Superior Drummer, buffersize at 32… I’m using Studio One 4,6

Spikes confimred here. Just purchased Cali - same spike resulted on both my Pro Tools Ultimate (2019.6) systems:

iMac (27-inch, Late 2012) High Sierra
3.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, 16 gig RAM

Mac Pro (Mid 2012) Mojave
3.33 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, 32 gig RAM

I tried to open a Pro Tools 12 session added Cali and it crapped out … But not in Studio One??? Why this is so I don’t know. Luckily I have moved away from PT and not going back.

Just purchased Cali (Windows) and also see performance issues on certain cab sims but not others. So not a show stopper for me since I also have OwnHammer IRs to load.

BTW, Cali + archetype Wong = archetype Edge. Just sayin’…:slight_smile:

Disappointing that Fortin Cali is apparently still at V1.00 and the performance issues with the cab (acknowledged by Neural support in this additional thread: Cali using massive amounts of cpu) remain unresolved. Fortin Cali is currently 50% off in a flash sale. I demoed it when it was released and liked it, but I can’t buy with this performance issue still present.

hi, i just bought the Cali plugin and have big issues with it. I have a lot of crackling and popping. And when i want to record, the audio engine of my daw (sonar platinum) is crashing . So the plugin is, at this moment, unusable. I run under a fresh install of windows 10 up to date. my pc is still good (core i7 6700k, 48gb of ram, samsung 970 pro nvme ssd) Soundcard: focusrite 2i2 2nd gen with the latest driver tuned at 44100/128. I have other sim installed (stl tones andy james) and it runs flawless. Im a little desperate now :frowning:

Melda and STL both offer a free IR loader, so it might be worth disabling the Cali cab sim and using a third party IR loader after Cali. It comes with some accessible IR’s so worth a shot. This dropped the CPU way down for me.

When will we finally get an update for the performance issues? With the speaker section enabled, Fortin Cali and Granophyre are pretty much unusable on my 2015 i7 iMac. This issue is known for months and nothing has happened to fix it. That‘s not really great support.