Global reconfiguration of effects loop send/returns

I would like to use one loop as normal i.e. send and return for external effects etc. and the second loop to be reconfigured as two returns, in order to act as a stereo ‘Aux in’. At the moment if I want to mix in stereo music etc from an external source such as CD player I have to use the returns from both loops which means I have no external effects loop.

Good suggestions! Have you tried using usb audio for playing songs from cd or related?

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Hi, yep I understand the potential of using the USB. However, I have my QC integrated into a Temple Audio pedalboard with side mounted XLR and TRS ins and outs and would like the convenience and flexibilty of a Stereo ‘Aux In’ using 1/4 inch analog connectors. I feel sure many other users would appreciate such an arrangement, leaving an effects loop still avaliable.

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This would be awesome. I have to use both sends to run to an amp as I run amps in my IEMs.

We’ve played a venue and the sound-guy couldn’t comprehend that a bass player didn’t need an onstage amp so this mitigates last minute arguments .

Works well, however - like you - I lose both my loops for this. Being able to configure them further would be excellent.

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