Global EQ

This has proven very useful on other platforms.

It will allow you to keep your patches in tact while balancing for different room acoustics, or when you use different FRFR rigs.

I use a Xitone cab most of the time which I would say is extremely flat in response but a bit large/heavy to tote around. I also use a very compact Headrush 108 to lighten my load, however it is bass heavy. having a Global EQ allows me to make a simple adjustment to compensate and all my patches can be left as they are.

Friends, all interested in the global equalizer, I invite you to join this idea - Global Effects Section. It contains a detailed description and a number of requirements presented to the EQ, as well as a proposal not to be limited in the global section to only one effect.

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Hey WW, thanks for attaching yourself to my suggestion…

Where I ‘appreciate’ the verbosity of your many suggestions, I don’t wish to have my ideas wired up with yours.


With all due respect to your suggestions and all your work with it, but this is a guitar pedal, not a DAW. A normal graphic EQ or parametric EQ for each stereo output (1/2 and 3/4) would be fine for me.


Thanks BS,

A simple EQ on the outputs would get the job done for me too, and of course I could just add an EQ block at the end of all my patches. Making it a Global EQ would be helpful so I don’t have to edit patches to compensate for Room or Speaker variants - things that effect my overall tone i.e. every patch. I make the suggestion because I use this in my current set up a lot.

As far as being a guitar pedal, I would say the QC, Fractal, Helix and the others, are platforms to create virtual guitar rigs. A lot more than a guitar pedal, but certainly not a DAW.


Of course this is more than a normal guitar pedal, I meant the form factor. I’m a fractal guy, maybe it was me when my QC arrives. :slight_smile:

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Nice! I have been a Line 6er for a very long time. I have a good friend that has been a fractal guy for nearly as long. We have many spirited conversations but in the end, the platforms are more alike than they are different. We have both jumped in on the QC, perhaps common ground? Very excited to get mine. :slight_smile:

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By joining, I only meant vote support :slight_smile: After all, its implementation will fully satisfy your desire. The block of global effects, of course, will not turn QC into DAW, but it will definitely be useful for those for whom QC is more than just a guitar pedal

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certainly adding Global EQ would be welcome and appropriate for the most powerful modeler on the planet… but adding a drum machine as I’ve seen suggested would put this squarely in the realm of a DAW.

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Hi guys!
I’m new to the community and very happy to join you in this exchange :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d love a global EQ! And I totally understand the concerns about keeping it simple and user-friendly.

At the same time I’m sure a drum machine like @williamwolos 's (or even just a simple metronome) would come in handy for our daily guitar exercises. :guitar: :mantelpiece_clock:
Also the concept of having a drum machine is imho not very far from the factory synth presets (i.e. Toxic Synth or Numb Synth) for playing along, which I’m sure a lot of users love already (I do for sure :star_struck:).
After all the QC is not just a guitar pedal, it can be an audio interface and a vocal/keys/whatever effects processor :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing your thoughts, stay safe and have a beautiful day! :muscle:

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I’m deciding between spending $400 on a class A/B stereo power amp with no EQ vs mono with an EQ for $900.

A global EQ on the Quad Cortex would make my decision easier.

if a 1000 line 6 pedal can have a global EQ why cant this?

As long as we are talking Global, how’s about a global send/receive option.?

Fractal and Line 6 both have global EQs. It is a necessity when you own multiple guitars as opposed to creating patches for every guitar you own.

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Interesting statement Dean701. Being a luddite regards Golbal EQ I’d love to hear more on this, and what you look to change on the QC depending on the guitars. When playing live I usually have 3 or 4 guitars at hand. LP/Tele/Acoustic/Strat (or an SSH Fodera). At present I have different presets for each guitar. Do you change the settings live or just copy a preset, and then tweak?

I think it’s less about the guitar and more about the room/cab and eq’ing the overall output for the whole system.