General Question about Soundquality

Hey Folks,

I recently bought the Plini and Granophyre Amps because they had a really good sound and a great step up from what i’ve used before.
I still have 1 question to the more experienced amp sim users of you.
If I compare my sound to the plini or rabea ad videos i feel like they get so much more out of it. I plug my guitar into my rig control 3 audio interface using the 96khz setting with i think 312 samples or so. I dowloaded the original presets from plini and rabea using my prs custum 24 20th anniversary but still their sounding is ridiculous compared to mine. Do they use special preamps or audiointerfaces or is a lot of it just great mixing? I had good results with the john petrucci preset from this forum adding the Boss Ds1 Overdrive in front of my interface. Do i need other external pedals (compressor …) Do i need a better Soundcard (rabea uses the ox i think?)
Hope someone can help my with his/her experience.

Best regards

I think you should get the best result by connecting your guitar straight into the interface unless you’re dealing with a noisy signal, in which case a DI box would be helpful.

Not all presets will work for you immediately. Most of the time you will be tweaking parameters since each combination of guitar/pick-up is different. Usually, the gain amount won’t match your signal so you need to set it accordingly.

Some interfaces will have better components than others. DI signals recorded with better interfaces do sound better, but I don’t think the difference is that dramatic. Also, keep in mind that you don’t need to run your projects beyond 44100Hz or 48000Hz since the Plug-Ins already include oversampling, which will get rid of any potential aliasing. This video explains it very well, check it out if you can.

Lastly, I recommend watching this tutorial made by a community member. You will find some helpful tips on how to create your own tone:

in the beginning I have struggled getting great tones but it take a little time to match your guitar with all of the best settings. you will get there, keep working at it.

I found it depends a fair bit on the guitar / pickups. I regularly play 3-4 different guitars/pickups and they each sound different using the same presets in the plugin. Find a preset you like and tweak it to your guitar/pickups for best results.

I’m a mix and mastering engineer as opposed to a guitarist, obsessed with tone regardless, yet I still don’t really believe in presets. I agree with other commenters that all guitars have their own sound, and presets are created specifically for the guitar of the person who created those presets. I say: know your gear. Turn off everything except the amp and cab, starting from 12 o’clock knobs. I’d probably chose my cab and mic settings first, then start tweaking the amp until I get a sound I really like. And if I switch to another guitar, I start again from scratch. Of course, I’m typically re-amping a file instead of live input, but the process is the same either way.