Garageband integration

Hi there - any help appreciated here … just limbering up to purchase a Quad Core Cortex and wondering how easy it is to connect to Garageband. Also a vaguely helpful chap in the local Apple shop told me of the wonders of the M1 chip contained in eg Apple Air laptops but then upon looking at the 900 odd plug ins that work with the M1 chip couldn’t confirm that Quad Cortex could integrate.

Has anyone had joy with garageband and the M1 chip???

Many thanks

The QC is core compliant. That means it will integrate with Mac or pc via usb audio. It’s not a plug-in, it’s a physical audio interface etc.

Thank you for helping. Sorry to ask another question (my knowledge in this is Barry off the ground) but can it still be used with eg GarageBand? It does it need to run into eg cubase?
PS I am not as tech savvy as you might hope :blush:

No worries! Unfortunately I don’t know enough about GarageBand via MAC, but GarageBand would have to have an option to select multiple inputs/outputs. Most if not all DAWs will support that kind of I/O requirement these days and I would be surprised if GarageBand didn’t.
That being said, questions regarding specifically GarageBand, I would wait for someone to reply who is more knowledgeable than me unfortunately :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes. Super easy… just remember if you are recording into GarageBand via usb, select inputs 3 and 4


Thank you both :+1::+1:

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