Can we use the Quad Cortex as an audio interface -> on iOS?

I really would like to see we will be able to use the Quad Cortex as an audio interface on iOS devices.

Quad Cortex and QuantiLoop = the killer duo imho for live looping…

Can’t find any informations if the QC will work that way. What do you think?

I know some people have connected their Ax-FXs to an iphone using the USB Camera Adapter.

I guess it remains to be seen whether this will work with the Quad Cortex

The more general question is whether the 4C is USB class compliant. If it is, it’ll work with pretty much anything that supports USB audio without installation of additional drivers. I could see it being class compliant but also providing additional drivers for better performance. That in my mind is the best of both worlds: works on everything but better on selected platforms.


I’m really hoping the QC will be Class Compliant, it will make a great portable solution for recording guitar tracks while on tour/traveling; I plan to use it with an IPad Pro running the Auria App.