FRFR and interface

Are there any recommended frfr solutions from the Neural guys? What would you guys use at trade shows etc? I’m curious as to what Plini, Nolly and Abasi are using themselves. I thought I saw an apogee element and then some kind of Bose frfr on the Nolly/Plini vid… just curious really

I personally use a Yamaha DXR10 with all my plugins, Neural DSP included. Sounds great but I do have to use its in-built HPF to drop all frequencies below 100Hz, else it sounds boomy in my (smaller, not sound proofed) room. But never had to to this live. Bought it used on reverb for cheap.

The plugins also sound great using studio monitors, I use the JBL LSR5s, but for the real cab in the room sound, go with bigger PA sets. If you can spare $1k, most people swear by Atomic CLRs.

No experience with Bose, but haven’t heard good things about them from guitarists on forums. Try before you buy, if you can.

Yeah I have adam a7xs and they sound good but obviously the small speaker size limits. I usually play them through a cab and power amp at work but I wondered if there was a recommended frfr to get the big speaker sound whilst keeping the flexibility of IRs. Looks like the CLR are the only universally agreed on great FRFR still