Freeze block - in stomp mode

Issue/concern - consistency visually of on/engaged vs off/disengaged of the freeze block. Could this be the same?

Regarding photo above: top row is on, bottom row is off.

Was unsure as to present this as a “bug report” or a “feature request” so I’m opting to merely present it as a comment.

Maybe it’s a glitch that only happens when there is more than one Freeze block in a preset. I’m unclear how you would ever use more than one but, I’ll admit that there are users who are more tone-adventurous than I. :hear_no_evil:

Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention.

This is not an actual preset. My goal was to point out that aesthetically the freeze block is different from all the rest. It is more prevalent in stomp mode than in preset mode. But when its in OCD mode it should look like all the rest of the blocks (shaded out with a line through it). Lol.

Yeah, the Freeze block is trickier than others since it can be “un-bypassed” (not grayed out) but still not be active. They’ll probably address that, someday.

So it looks like the aesthetics have been improved with update 2.1.0. Keeps getting better! @ndsp_staff Thanks for listening.