Free the grid! (multiple freely routable splitters/mixers per line)

I’ve been using the QC for a while now and I’m blown away by the sounds.
The one thing that really bothers me tho is the way the splitters and mixers work: I’d like to implement parallel blocks along the signal chain to use different fx in parallel and to create unique effects or use parallel amps through the same fx on one of set of lines, sum them and then split them to one out with cab-sim & one without at the end.
While I prefer the sounds of the QC so far this is the one thing where Fractal shows how it’s done: opening up the possibility to route from any point between blocks to the parallel one on the second line of the it’s dedicated Core would be an absolute game-changer and would - for me - make the QC the best modeller so far!

There is already a request for this.

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And maybe also: Split and Mix/Merge on the Same Spot

This is a duplicate request. Please use the search function prior to submitting new feature requests. Thanks!