Allowing for multiple split and merges on one set of lines

I am a bassist and have been LOVING the unit so far. Something that could be great for routing and using DI to FOH and live cabs, or allowing for more flexible routing or parallel paths would be:

Allowing more than one set of split and merge within the same 2 lines or “Side” of the processing. For example, you’d be able to split the signal after the input and run the 2nd row parallel via A/B, crossover, or balance; then merge after say block 3. Then on the same set of two rows, split after block 4 and merge again after block 7.

This would likely be a massive change so I understand if it doesn’t happen, but it would end up making the rws more like a grid akin to what Fractal has done where you can utilize more blocks in different routings.

Voted! This would be massively good!

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+1! This has to be the most useful feature requested yet. If this is not possible i would like to know why.

+1, would be awesome!

Yess. Having come from AXE FX world, being able to split the route on multiple points and returning back gives a lot of opportunities about using some effects in parallel Mode and grouped way. For ex. if I want to have a chorus and compressor only after my parallel placed delay, I would use split just for those 3 block as in AXE. But a few blocks later, I could make another split for another purpose. AXE was extremely free on this issue. We hope to see changes in QC as well in time.