Splitter functionality

It would usefull if splitter could go to the track output as well as go back to line where it was splitted. So one more splitter option which is same as both current splitting options put together.

Yes - also just MORE splitters. Do not understand why there are only 2 - something to do with the hardware? Why can’t we split in multiple spots on a row?

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Yes. Splitting from any row to any row would very nice.

I’m curious, too.

Yeah same here, I come from and Axe FX and you were able to do that especially when you are trying to do parallel stuff. I don’t know why they didn’t do this from gecko, anyway I talk to the people that take care of bugs and they said they will bring it up to the software people and see if they can do something about it

axe fx processes signals in a way that is more flexible - I wouldn’t expect that same level of flexibility here. But I do hope for more than 1 per row at least

I’m wondering if it’s similar to the helix on purpose or due to some restrictions (hardware, patents, etc.).

I agree, I don’t think we will ever see something like the Axe FX (even though it would be nice to have that flexibility) but yes I do hope that we will have several splits. I don’t think it’s a limitation of the machine after all it is the most powerful machine on the market (at the moment). I think it’s more of a design flaw that could be fixed. I think that they never thought that people would use parallel. After all all the plug-ins are in serial chain but in the DAW you can do what ever you want.

Not so sure about that. According to Fractal’s Cliff Chase, it’s not even the most powerful floor modeler. Probably refering to the FM9 as a comparison.

“powerful” is a really misleading term anyway. But yes, I believe the FM9 has more raw power. At the time of QC release though the FM9 wasn’t available yet

@Lurkerwars there are hardware limitations not due to processing power, but instead due to HOW signals are processed that are likely to make it impossible to split between 1/2 and 3/4. Fractal does processing in a different way (with its own tradeoffs of course)

Since we are talking about splitting I do have a question to ask, how do you guys get your parallel signal to work with out loss of volume. Let me explain I notice this especially when I use the delays in split ( I guess so call parallel ). Because I’m treating this as a parallel Of course I put the delay in full wet, until 80% there is no loss but at 100% mix there is a huge lost in volume on the delay. I was trying to find a lvl/volume so that I could balance it out but I could never find it, I even tryed playing with the lvl/ volumes found in the split/mix. Any ideas?

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you can adjust the levels in the S and M split / join points by holding down on them. If you bypass the delay and get no sound at all, you might have to adjust the phase by inverting one side

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I am hearing the same thing you are, a fairly dramatic drop in volume when the delay is set to 100% mix in a parallel path. Is this “normal” behavior to be expected? Perhaps due to combining direct signal with direct+delay when not running 100% wet in parallel? Not sure this isn’t a bug. Maybe I too am routing something wrong. There is no level control on the delay blocks so no easy remedy there. Btw, the same is true of the reverbs.

Changing the ‘Balance’ parameter in the splitter should change the level of the signal being sent to either the part of the split that sidesteps the delay, or the signal going to the delay. That did not seem to fully account though for the rather substantial drop in volume when routing through a 100% wet delay.

Not saying it necessarily has anything to do with it, but it sort of reminds me of some volume issues you can run into when panning center or off-center, per the “pan law”.
Pan law - Wikipedia.

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This. It’s actually not a drop in volume but rather an additional volume boost when you don’t run the delay 100% wet in parallel.

BTW, parallel FX loops on amps can be quite a headache whenever more than one effect is used in the loop.

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So this is what Neural wrote me about the problem in question

Hey John,

Thank you for your patience.

We’ve checked your case with the team and we’ve determined that the preset is working as expected. The MIX knob uses a non-linear mix law, which applies to all the delay blocks included in the unit. This means the volume drop of the original signal won’t be noticeable until the mix parameter passes 80%.

Regardless of that, we’ve sent your feedback to the dev team for their consideration. We’ll let you know in case we receive any news related to the feature you’re describing. We also included your suggestion about multiple splits on the same lane.