Easy way to offer VSTs in quad cortex


Enabling the use of VSTs in quad cortex has been difficult. Why don’t you just add the effects and amps from the VSTs as normal blocks in the next update? Then you can offer a VST similar to helix native at a discount for users of VSTs or quad cortex.

Just an idea, I don’t know what the community will think. With the votes we will know.

From what we understand from the beginning, this is what they intend to do- port the individual elements of plugins to a compatible format on the QC. Those elements are all coded for a different computer format than the QC so they’re essentially having to be re-coded from scratch to be blocks on the QC.

Have you seen the latest developers update re: the plugin compatibility process? They’ve stated there really is no easy/quick way to do it, but they’re making progress

I really thought what they were trying to do was basically allow each VST to be used on the quad cortex looking and working just like it does on the PC. Somehow you started the VST and the quad cortex would work in VST mode, you wouldn’t have the grid, just the VST. Maybe I was wrong.

there were conversations before launch that indicated the block-by-block approach would be taken. There hasn’t been a lot of info on it, but logically it seems like what they’ll have to do. There’s no way the QC could translate the high-res graphics and layout of the computer-oriented plugin UI.

headrush prime has a good graphical interface and is less powerful than quad cortex.

I’m agnostic to how they accomplish it. What I really care about is can you take a preset from the PC version and have it sound the same on the QC. If not, it won’t be of much value (to me).

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