Fortin Cali Suite won't launch on windows 10


I’m so sad I cannot launch the standalone version of the Fortin Cali Suite.

I purchased a licence, installed and logged in Ilock (I can see the licence in it). But when I click on the standalone icon, nothing happen (it ask if I want to lauch as admin, I say yes, but then nothing)…

Can someone help ?



Hey @DaniloML. I sent you a beta build of the standalone. Please check your inbox and let me know if it works.

Hello Gonzalo,

Thanks for the reply. I just tried for 2 hours, and stopped (earlier today).

Now I checked again and it works (still the same version, not the one you sent), I don’t know how it’s possible… ^^

I played a little bit with the settings and found some great tones (with my headset for the moment, waiting for my active speakers to arrive).

All is OK but I cannot set the latency under 5.1 ms, otherwise I hear weird noises… Do you know how could I go lower? My computer is a i5 8Go of memory, working super fine.
Audio interface is Berhinger UMC 22 with the latest Asio. I also tried all the things you said in another thread to set the computer as high efficiency etc…

Is it normal I cannot go lower? It still a bit annoying at 5.1…



Capture d’écran 2020-11-30 234904

Sorry it’s in french, but I think it’s understandable ^^

I think you should get better results with the dedicated ASIO driver for your audio interface instead of ASIO4ALL.

Also, check this guide:


Problem is ASIO4ALL is the recommended driver on the Berhinger website, they do not propose other drivers…

I’ve done also things you’ve said in the guide.

Do you have another idea?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I recommend checking this guide: Glitch Free. Also, try disabling the input you’re not using.

Unfortunately, ASIO4ALL is not an optimal driver. It hasn’t been updated since 2017.

Thanks, I’ll try to find some other drivers, I saw there are some on the web, but if it’s not official ones and so i’m a little bit afraid of the results.

I’ll check the Glitch free guide but I think I’ve done everything already.

I’ll keep you informed if I can solve my problems.


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