Footswitch function in Block edit mode

Does anyone else find this frustrating? If you are editing a Block, the rotary function of the footswitches light up to show you what parameters can be controlled by rotating them. It seems highly intuitive to me therefore that the PRESS function of the footswitch - when the edit window is open - relates to something to do with editing that particular respective parameter and NOT carry out the function dictated by what MODE you are in.

For example, if I open the edit window on a delay Block, rotating the footswitch might change the feedback, but pressing it - if I happen to be in Preset Mode - changes the whole thing to the next Preset!

How about when the edit window is open, pressing the footswitch is ‘disconnected’ from the Mode you are in and instead only relates to the edit window - one idea is that pressing the f/s down restores the parameter to the previous value, or perhaps jumps to 50% or whatever is the appropriate mid-range for that particular parameter?