Footswitch for "Done"


I go down to the floor, make some changes in a block, stand up and play for a while, I think it’s ok now, so I have to go down again to hit ok and go back to Scene Mode.

It would be great if, when standing up, I could step on one footswitch to go back to Scene Mode. Let’s say the upper right footswitch (I think that footswich is useless when editing a block).

Thank you.

I think they need to overhaul that screen completely. Because, as it is now, clicking any of the buttons activates/deactivates the fx blocks, which is kind of worthless because you cant see the blocks, and it is just unneeded.

They should (1) make it so you cant toggle fx on/off while in that screen, because it’s simply unneeded (maybe they can leave 1 switch so you can toggle on/off the current effect), (2) Add the “done” footswitch, (3) Give an option for the edit screen to auto-hide after 30 seconds of inactivity, and (4) utilize the footswitches for something else. Maybe a toggle between current value and saved value?