Disable Preset/Scene/Stomp change footswitch functions in Block Menu screen

I’ve checked and couldn’t see this previously reported anywhere so apologies if this has been covered already.

I would like to request a feature that disables the Preset/Scene/Stomp change footswitch functions in the Block Menu page (ie whenever you are editing a block such as a delay pedal etc)

When you are editing a block, the LEDs that correspond to the parameters that are adjustable via the rotary selectors light up. For most of the parameters this is fine, as they are a range of values, for example Gain from 0-10. For others though, such as delay trails, the option is binary (ie on or off) and I have repeatedly caught myself out by mistakenly pressing the footswitch to turn such a binary option on or off, rather than turning the rotary part of the footswitch.

Because the Preset/Scene/Stomp change and Preset/Bank change footswitch functions are still active - even when the Block Menu editing page is open, the problem is that accidentally pressing the footswitch rather than turning it then blindly (because the Grid is hidden behind the Block Menu page) changes the Stomp or Scene to whatever is assigned to that footswitch you have just pressed. The worst case of all is that if I am in Preset Mode, I actually end up changing the Preset by mistake, and lose all of the changes I have made :tired_face:

I can see no need at all to be able to change Presets/Scenes or Stomps when I am editing a Block, so I think disabling this function - either as a user option or as part of the system design - would be a very useful feature.