Features to compete with you know who

OK, I’ve had the QC for a while now and here are the things I think it needs to compete with the other in it’s price range:

  1. A full-function looper - even the new $495 Headrush (along with others) has this
  2. Tap & tap/hold buttons for ALL the switches - this would give users 2 block settings for each switch
  3. Tap tempo for ALL the time-based effects
  4. Ducking for the delays & reverbs
    I’m sure there are more but I think these 4 things would help keep the QC in the race!

DSP…Thanks for making a beautiful sounding, easy to use multi-effects box. I DO love it despite it’s shortcomings!

Ha! Well…Ken, if you care about your tone, you know that “ducking” is important and I am talking about a comparison with other products at the same price point. IF you’ve ever played through a Fractal (about the same price) you’d understand what I’m talking about! I DO think the QC is a great product with a promising future and I know the looper they include will sound MUCH better than a $50 one which is why I bring it up! I appreciate your point of view…thanks for responding!

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Hello, I would also suggest a harmonizer module, enabling the user to create for example 3 note parallel harmony according to certain scale, etc. I think this exists in the Tim Henson Archetype.


The QC is incredible! I’ll agree with these suggestions as well as a harmonizer. I used to use a TC G-System about 15 years ago and even that had one.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my QC and wouldn’t trade it for anything!!

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