FCB1010 with UnO chip and Plini

Hello guys. I have an FCB1010 with the UnO chip which I had been using for years with Amplitube. Now I want to do a pretty same with the Plini - upper row for an activate/deactivate stompboxes, lower row for some complex changes (eg. pre-activate/deactivate stompboxes and switching between clean/crunch/lead) in one preset. Different bank = different preset, same idea. I’m using the Ripwerx for the FCB setting. Does anybody use it like this? Does it even work? I’m literally fighting with this for two days… I tried the MIDI Learn function also, it doesn’t work. There is nothing in the MIDI mapping list. I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work like this, but it doesn’t work…so…any idea? Many thanks

Hi @magnus87. Is the FCB1010 recognized as a MIDI device in the audio settings on the standalone app?

Hi Gonzalo. Yes, the FCB is recognized. Sorry, I didn’t explain it exactly. Something works, something not.
Let say. I have set the upper row of the FCB for the activate/deactivate stompboxes as a Program Change on channel 1. So, SW6 - Compressor (PC1 CH1), SW7 - Distortion (PC2 CH1), SW8 - Delay (PC3 CH1), SW9 - Reverb (PC4 CH1), SW10 - N/A. The same in MIDI Mapping in the Plini.
Everything works well, except SW9 - Reverb (PC4 CH1). It does nothing.

Next, the lower row of the FCB is set for switching between the Amp Type as a CC Value, parameter Amp Type, channel 1 (I tested different channels also). So, CC Value, Amp Type, CH1 for the three switches. SW1 - Note CC#0 = Clean; SW2 - Note CC#1 = Crunch; SW3 - Note CC#2 = Lead; SW4&5 - N/A.
This lower row doesn’t work at all.

If you want to switch between the amp types, you should probably use PC messages and set the parameter as “Program change Dec/Inc” in the MIDI mappings window.

Nice idea thou, it definitely works but you have to think a little more during the switching…not too much, just a little more :slight_smile: It comes from the nature of “Dec/Inc” - if you have the Lead and you want the Clean, you have to go up. If you have the Crunch and you want the Clean, you have to go down. It isn’t like ‘if you wanna Clean, push the 1 forever and ever’ …you know what I mean. But ok, if there isn’t any better solution, or if you haven’t any other idea (because I haven’t any, unfortunately), I’m ok with that.

The upper row with the stompboxes works well now, I found a mess there. The UnO has more PC groups and I had one stompbox as one group. The correct way is to make one group (for example PC1) and there use the exact numbers which represent PC0, PC1, etc for activate/deactivate for exact stompbox in MIDI Mapping.

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Unfortunately, that’s the only method I can think of since “AmpType” is just one single parameter.