Favorites and hide units, rating

NeuralDSP promise an endless release of new effects, and that’s great, but sometimes it’s hard to find anything on an endless list. In almost all the processors that I had, I used 2-3 amplifiers, and it was always tiring to look for them in a huge list. When I saw a guy looking for the needed impulse in a list of two thousand on the Axe, my heart was filled with pain. Add the concept of “favorites” and “hidden” units. “Favorites” should be placed at the top of the list, and “hidden” should be hidden, there should also be an easily accessible button that will allow you to display all the positions that are hidden at the moment, if the user suddenly wants to dig into them. Perhaps it makes sense to introduce a 5-star rating ranking list, but it seems to me that 3 categories are quite enough.