Suggestions for improving the QC UI

Hey Neural DSP, could I make a few suggestions please, to improve the UI?

1 Double clicking a block should activate/deactivate it. This would be especially useful when creating scenes with multiple blocks.
2. Long pressing a block launches a sub-menu, which includes the “delete”, “reset” and “copy/paste parameters” options.
3. The splitter options are super confusing, I think the following would be better - long click on the signal path enables the option to create / edit the split, where one can drag and connect the connector to another block / lane.
4. Separately - Please come up with a solution for the noise issue. I have to use multiple gates to reduce the hum etc. Yes, I use a high quality power conditioner, and XLR cables, but there is significantly more noise than I ever had on my Kemper, Axe FX or Line 6 products.

Thanks guys, hope someone at Neural picks this up.

Dragging is actually copying, and it is troublesome to organize files.

Not sure I understand what this has to do with organising files. I am referring to dragging the connector for the splitter and creating another path for the signal. This is similar to what Fractal have on their products.