Expression pedals with switch - one cable method

Normally you need two cables into two expression inputs, if you want use the integrated switch of a pedal. With a virtual switch, switching operations can be carried out with only one cable into one expression pedal input. The prerequisite for this is an expression pedal with a switch or an extra pedal travel to trigger a virtual switch (e.g. Yamaha FC7).

How it works:

Total pedal travel with the toe switch depressed: Midi value 127
Normal pedal travel: midi values 0-124 (estimated) calibrated to 0-100%

If you press the switch, the value rises above 124 and you can use it to trigger a virtual switch. It would also be nice to set it to latching or momentary and the possibility to give that switch a value (e.g. change the value of gain, reverb amount and so on).

During the calibration, the entire pedal travel would then have to be measured with the switch depressed and then the pedal travel without the switch depressed. The mean value of the difference serves as a trigger, e.g. 125 - 127 → mean value = 126.

I’ve never tried this but wonder if it could work:

Wah block is on and with expression pedal connected to it… but the effect will not engage until 11 through 127 which gives you the full range effect. so a slight move from heel down towards the toe engages the Wah i.e. 0-10 heel down = no effect/ 11-127 = full Wah effect.

sound feasible?

Thats the way Helix and AxeFx work, probably others as well. You can pick heel down or toe down as off points and set the ratio any way you like it. I imagine QC will be the same.

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That’s not what I meant. Auto Engage is another cup of tea. Doug has already confirmed that this will be coming soon.

I meant an additional virtual switch with which you can switch anything you want. So you could use the toe switch of your pedal with just one cable and connect 2 such pedals. You then have 2 expression pedals and 2 toe switches.

If you set a toe switch to momentary, you can use it to activate a thick reverb tail, for example.