Expressin Pedal Overrides Switch State

CorOS Version: 2.2.2

Describe your issue:
In scene mode, when a block is assigned to engage both via a footswitch and an expression pedal, the expression pedal state always overrules / overrides the switch state.

Steps to reproduce your issue:
So for example, you can assign an expression pedal to a wah effect, but also to turn on/off footswitch ‘A’ (delay, distortion, etc.)
The behavior is such however that if you have the pedal in the heel-down position and press footswitch ‘A’ to engage it, it engages for a brief moment, sees that the pedal is heel-down, and immediately turns off.
As long as the pedal is not in the heel-down position, using the footswitch to turn the block on/off works perfectly.
In other words, both methods of bypass assignment can be used in the same preset (footswitch or auto-engage via pedal position), but the expression pedal position auto-engage is the override and always the final word on whether the block should be bypassed or engaged.

I expected this to happen:
Quad Cortex should “observe” changes to trigger states.
i.e. the block / effect state (on/off) changes only when the footswitch or the expression pedal state is altered.