H9 in the QC loops for Stereo?

While waiting on my QC I’m trying to get a handle on the Quad FX loops and hooking up an H9 in stereo. I contacted support about this but no answer as of yet and the manual does not cover this for stereo FX in the loop. Does anyone have an H9 in the loops of the QC and any detailed info on how they hooked it up and routed it thru the grid?
On my FM3 I go:
SND 2 out of FM3 to H9 INPUT 1 then OUTPUT 1 of H9 to RETURN 2 of the FM3 then OUTPUT 2 of H9 to RETURN 2 of the FM3. Winding up with 3 cables into the FM3, 1 SEND and 2 RETURNS, same with H9. Not sure how the QC would rout this across the grid though.

You can route a stereo FX send in QC that uses both sends/returns.