Error Code 401

I just downloaded the desktop editor and updated to the latest firmware on the QC a couple days ago and I’m getting an “error code 401” on the QC itself when I touch on “Downloads” and “Cloud Captures”.
Both of those give me the error code and then it gives me the option to report the error, but then if fails to send the error report half the time.
I didn’t have this issue with the last firmware so not sure what’s up.

Have any of you had this error?
If so, did you come up with any workarounds or fixes?



Check on the profile icon and then ‘Settings’ in the upper-right top of the Cortex Control app. You should see ‘Unlink’ in the button on the right. Don’t click it, if you do. Also look under the ‘Connection’ heading in the left pane of the ‘Settings’. You should see a message saying “Quad Cortex is using your computer’s internet connection”. If either one of these conditions don’t exist, Cortex Control is probably not connected properly to the cloud. That or your computer is not connected to the internet.

I would also check either under ‘Settings’ → ‘Connection’ directly on the QC, or under the Backups headings on the QC to make sure you are logged into the cloud properly.

Just close the CC app on your computer. It worked again when closed!

Nice man! This fixed my issue right away. Thanks !

I think what I’ve found is that if I power up the QC, then open the editor, I’m fine, but if I do it the other way around, they don’t play nice together.