Cortex Control freezes while loading

I apologize if this has been discussed in another post but I didn’t find anything via search.

I finally updated my QC to v2.3 this evening. The OS update went fine but when I tried to open Cortex Control (on my Windows 10 PC) it freezes at “loading Presets”. I’ve tried several times, let it sit for 15 minutes (never finished opening) and even uninstalled and reinstalled Control but the issue persists. Has anyone else experienced this and if so have you found a resolution?

Have you rebooted EVERYTHING since updating?

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I would probably start by unplugging everything from my QC including the expression pedal and the USB cable, nothing but the power supply (the factory provided one) and then restarting. If that didn’t work, and I had a recent backup. I would probably try the recovery procedure. You may have to select the full ‘Factory Reset’ option if the issue is that the QC is choking on a particular preset when it tries to start. Again though, backup required for this unless you want to start from a fresh QC.

Recovery Procedure:

Sorry for the late reply but thanks for your suggestions. I tried rebooting the QC and PC then booting the QC with nothing connected but the OEM power supply. I also tried leaving the app open, waited for the “connect and turn on QC” prompt to come up and restarted the QC. The app recognized the QC but again, froze at the downloading preset phase. Even though I did a backup before I updated, I’m hesitant to do a full reset as you never know what problems might be introduced and the QC seems to be behaving normally. Unless you guys have other suggestions, I guess I’ll contact Support next.

are you certain you have the latest update of CoCo? (1.0.0)

Yes, I downloaded it from the Cortex Control page yesterday.

Were you connected directly to your computer or to a USB hub?

Sorry, must have been distracted yesterday when I read your original post. Didn’t notice it was a problem with CoCo. Thought this was happening on boot. Duh! Although if nothing else helps you could still try the recovery procedure as a last resort. Might be to no avail though if it is a particular preset causing the CoCo hang. At least if you recovered into factory defaults you might discover whether it was a global setting or a downloaded preset causing the hang.

Latest USB driver installed? As @xush alluded to, have you tried different USB ports? Tried selecting a different preset and stock preset without CoCo connected, shutting down, and then restarting with CoCo? Tried logging out of the cloud on the QC before connecting to CoCo? Have a second computer to test CoCo with; if so, is it working there?

Please let us know what worked to resolve this when you get it figured out.

The only time I had this issue was when I didn’t have the latest firmware on the QC. Once I updated to the most current firmware, the Cortex Control app finally behaved the way I expected. I know this may not solve your issue, just wanted to let you know what fixed mine.

Yup, I’ve tried different cables directly into different USB ports on the laptop, different presets loaded before opening CoCo (including a factory preset) and called up while CoCo is stuck. I tried shutting off wi-fi and, yes Johnny, I updated QC and reinstalled CoCo v1 yesterday. I haven’t tried a different laptop yet but that’s a good suggestion. H.O., what did you mean by “latest USB installed”, are you talking about a USB driver?

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I really do appreciate you guys taking the time to send suggestions! I’ll report back after I try my wife’s laptop.

Yes, USB “driver” is exactly what I intended. Edited.

Hmmm, it’s been long enough since I installed CoCo (longer than two days😔) that I don’t recall an app-specific driver. So NDSP has it posted with other downloads? I didn’t see it but I’ll look for it. Thanks for the heads up, H.O.

The last posted USB driver from Neural appears to be from August 2023. You can find it at the link below, 2nd from the top-left, entitled simply ‘Quad Cortex’. Click on the "Windows button. They really should put more text in the title, e.g. “Windows USB driver”.

Btw, not even sure if that driver is required for CoCo as it is named “Neural DSP USB Audio driver”, but it is one I try to keep up to date anyway.

Thanks, man. If the latest driver is from August, it’s probably the one I’m using but I don’t recall loading a driver at all. The first CoCo version may have been working with a default driver. It seems like NDSP would refer to the driver on the CoCo ad page (maybe I just missed it).
Since I have all of my currently needed presets and the QC is so easy to use from the on board UI, have just been doing tweaks on the unit. Regardless, I’d like to get CoCo going again, for any new presets and other features. Hopefully the driver will get me up and running again. I appreciate your help.

I finally got some time to download and install the QC driver and reboot my laptop. No luck there, same problem. Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity this weekend to load the driver and CoCo into my wife’s laptop and give it a try. I’ll keep you posted.

My wife’s Windows 11 laptop was finally available so I loaded CoCo. It freezes at exactly the same spot as when using my laptop. Even though the app was labeled as version 1, the icon itself is labeled as v0.7.0.42. It was the file I was linked to from the Cortex Control page. Not sure why the discrepancy.

Ok, valuable information there. Unless you don’t have the current version of CoCo installed the issue appears to be on your QC. Might want to contact support.

Barring a hardware failure or a bad USB cable, or some problem with the cloud login on either the QC or CoCO, at this point I would suspect a failed firmware update, corrupt preset, or a bug where a specific combination of global configuration options caused a CoCo crash.

If it I were continuing to troubleshoot this myself, I would make a fresh backup (or two) and do a full factory reset. Then try to connect to CoCo before restoring my backup.

If that works, I would try a full restore and test CoCo again. If it works, great!

If CoCo is still crashing, sending a log to Neural and letting them troubleshoot it might be the quickest and best option. If I was still trying to fix it myself, I might try resetting the QC’s global options to factory settings, and then start deleting downloaded presets and captures in groups and narrowing things down until I nailed what was causing the CoCo crashes. Hope it doesn’t come to that though.

Thanks, HO, I guess you’re right, it may come down to a reset as I believe I’ve ruled out external issues. So far the QC seems to be acting normally otherwise but who knows what gremlins may be lurking. As I recall from the manual, a backup saves all the global settings in addition to the presets, is that true? Anyway, I think I will contact support next. If the problem is related to a bad update, they may want to identify that.

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