Emulating Guitar sound with bass.

I am emulating a Guitar via my bass using the “Pitch Shifter” + “Minivoicer” + "Chief MT + “Legendary 87(ST)” + “Parametric-8” and “Utility Simple GATE”.

When I change the view in stomp + preset mode (hybrid) from lets say G to F. From the combo “guitar and bass” to just bass, and then back, the guitar sound is suddenly mushy.

Then I change the “Minivoicer” mode from chromatic to ex. Minor, the guitar sound is clear.

This happens again after I change back and forth, and once again, it clears up the guitar sound when I change the “Minivoicer” mode to “Chromatic”. Is this a bug or a feature?

That’s an odd one. You’re in some “uncharted waters” so I’m not to sure what to make of it. Maybe try removing the Minivoicer block, save the preset and then re-insert the Minivoicer block. If it’s just a glitch, that my resolve it.

Will have to tey that asap. Contacted the support about it and they have at least asked for more information from me. Will see what happens. Hope this gets fixed asap.