Electro acoustic


I’m new with the QC and before I had a BOSS GX-100. With this unit I able to plug my LEG Electro acoustic guitar and use an Amp called " transparent". This one allowed me to get a very good sound.

Now with the QC I’m lost…

Can anyone give me a simple configuration of an amp and a cab to start?

I searched here before asking the question but could not find an answer.


If you mean a guitar with a piezo pickup you don’t really need an amp or cab. Try this user’s capture:

Chances are that’s all you’ll really need to make it sound more like a mic’ed acoustic. It’s a captured IR of an acoustic guitar’s body resonance. There are other similar captures on the cloud if you’re looking for variety

I do not have piezo pickup…

What kind of pickup does your guitar have?

Don’k know but it’s this guitare: LAG T118ASCE-BLK TRAMONTANE AUDITORIUM SLIM CUTAWAY ELECTRO BLACK | Woodbrass.com

FYI That acoustic definitely uses a piezo which you would find under the bone (or plastic) bridge.


try this preset and see what you think. If there are any frequencies that don’t work for you, add an EQ and tweak to taste. Use the different scenes to see if it livens up the tone of your guitar

Thanks I’ll try

Brilliant! Thanks a lot, it works nice.