Accustic sound?

So have the quad cortex and a ebmm axis with piezo!
How do i get a good accustic guitar sound?
Neewbie so please be gentle and walk me thru this!!!
Thanks in advance

Hi Graaf,

Plug the piezo into a 2nd input and create a 2nd completely separate signal chain for it from input to output. You can set the output to the same outs as the magnetic pickups, or separate outs depending on what you’re amps & speakers are. You can use whatever blocks you like, but you don’t really need an amp block. You might want to use EQ’s, a compressor, & reverb & delay to taste. I would highly recommend you put in a cab block, and instead of using the normal cabs, load an acoustic guitar IR file into the cab block. There are many of these floating around. I purchased some good ones from 3sigma audio →

These IR’s will give you a pretty realistic acoustic sound from your piezos. Plenty usable for live performances anyway.

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