Acoustic instrument captures

I’ve captured some IRs of acoustic instruments; guitars, dobros, mandolin-family folk instruments and uploaded them to the cloud. I think as captures they consume less DSP/CPU.

They’re optimized for piezo pickups, but if you’re using mag p’ups and eq’ing for an acoustic sim-type approach, you could still run those adjustments in front of these.

Curious to see if anyone else finds them useful (I dig 'em):


Much appreciated, Xush. I’ll check them out after this weekend’s gigs.


Great. Last year I asked Quad Cortex to consider adding acoustic amplifiers to its offerings. It’s great to see that there’s demand for this organically.

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I know that some processors offer models of acoustic amps but that never made much sense to me. A good acoustic amp should have clean and flat response with a good EQ, reverb, maybe chorus and delay for spice. Having some good acoustic IRs to add realizm to a piezo signal is an extra plus. The QC and a good FRFR already offers that.

One would think so, but in the same way that there are differences in clean amps for electric guitar, there are actually differences in the character between acoustic amps that attempt to achieve this same goal of a transparent tone and flat frequency response. A Schertler Unico or Roy will sound different from an AER Domino 3 or AER Compact 60/4, which will sound different from an Acus One For Strings, Henriksen Bud, Roland AC-33 or AC-60, Udo Roesner, or Hughs & Kettner Era 2. There are many classical guitarists who prefer the first two in this list and would think the Henriksen Bud sounds more like a jazz or gypsy guitar amplifier. Check out the ClassicalGuitarDelcamp forum or AcousticGuitarForum for a lot of debates between acoustic amps. It’s definitely worth the trouble for companies like Neural DSP to include acoustic amplifiers, and a lot of us on the acoustic and classical/Flamenco side feel ignored.

Interesting…maybe I just never played through a good acoustic amp. Any that I’ve tried always sounded like an electric amp with extended top-end. In the case of Xush’s post, he’s talking about IRs (converted to captures) to replicate the sound of various acoustic instruments. Maybe starting a thread about adding acoustic amp models would rally some support for your idea. I’d be curious to see if others would like that feature, too. I might be missing out on a great tonal option. If it would make a piezo signal sound more like a real acoustic, I’d be all for it.


I’ve tried a few of the acoustic amp captures on the Cloud and found them too subtle and of no use, but I wouldn’t rule out a good model making some difference. I’m not opposed to them adding ANYTHING new, especially for categories we don’t have represented on the QC yet

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The helix stuff has a studio pre-amp model that I used to love using for acoustic gigs on my HX stomp. That, plus an 1176 compressor, plus some light verb was pretty tough to beat for me into a PA

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