Dynamic Load/Unload blocs (can solve latency problem between presets)

With the problem of latency, why not introduce a dynamic bloc that can be load when you need it.
For example when you long press on a button assign to a dynamic bloc, it will show a page with different preprogram bloc in a inventory. with this you can have a unique preset that contains your main bloc for your basic sound, and you can browse and load what you really need.
Long press on a loaded bloc and you can change or unload it.
And you can have an option to activate or not when the choosen effect is loaded.

With this feature we will have the most versatile control at your feet

Are you essentially saying to only load blocks that are not bypassed on the default scene when a preset is first selected, then load the bypassed blocks in the background afterwards, so that they are ready when switching to a scene that does use them?

If so, I’m in. That could be a great way to reduce Preset loading delays.

Not really. It’s a behavior inside a preset with a new type of bloc. What I want is a bloc than can be any bloc and you can choose on the fly which one you want.
Ex :
You have a dynamic bloc empty, and you want to load a chorus, use it for a while, and when you’re done change to load a tremolo for example. We don’t need all time all bloc, but it have to be instantiate on your preset. Why don’t have possibility to load it only when you want it