Capture output as tuner out

When not using the capture function,
Let the user use the capture output as an always on external tuner out that is the same direct guitar signal split from the input.
To use an external tuner now, and to be an accurate tuning, I have to make a splitter right after the input to the second row and make it go to out 3 or 4. Or have a send block first in the chain.

Why not run your guitar into the tuner first, then into the QC from there? Several other users are doing this because they like the functionality of their stand alone tuners like the Polytune.

I don’t like having a tuner first thing in the chain.
Don’t want On/Off mute.
I can go with ‘always on display’ but this adds a buffer at the start of the signal and when using fuzz pedals in front of QC…
fuzzes hate buffer in front of them.

While I am not interested in this specific feature request, I do like the idea to use the capture output for something else.
@Neural: would this be possible somehow sometime or not simply due to hardware restrictions.