Downloads to Cloud / How to access & use?

Hey everybody,

Purchase a Quad Cortex this week and just received this today. Downloaded the app and tested this by downloading a capture. I have my phone and QC both connected to the same wifi, I download in the app… I am just perplexed as to where the download on the QC is. I was hoping that it would be easily accessed and after searching online, I must be missing something because it seems impossible to find an answer.

Thanks in advance.

Still working this out. I found that I need to be clicking the preset amp name (example 4A One Amp Does It All). Once I click this, I scroll to “Neural Captures” and click “my captures”. Earlier I downloaded Slow Dancing In A Burning Room, so I click this in hopes of dialing in the downloaded capture, but it brings me right back to 4A One Amp Does It All.

Extremely frustrating because there aren’t any options to choose from. Hopeful that somebody can help me out here.

When it brings you back to the preset it is waiting for you to click on any of the available slots in the grid, then it will put the capture there