Mobile App: See only 32 presets in folder "Shared with"" for downloading to quad cortex

I am using Firmware v2.0 on quad cortex and the actual mobile app on my apple iPad

A user with status friend shared 50 presets files with the coresponding neural captures for me for downloading.

But I can only see 32 presets?
What can I do to see and download them all?
Thank you

Have the same issue… However when you login to Cortex Cloud in a web browser instead of the app you can see and download them all. Not to say that this shouldn’t be fixed in the app as well though :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response.
This works fine

Same issue, second workaround:

You can use the search function in the app and search the username, then go to the neural captures tab and you will see all of them, public ones but also the ones shared with you.