Downloads Not Appearing in QC

Guys I can’t figure out what’s going on. I’m at the newest OS and when I download a preset it doesn’t even show up in the download folder or on the QC unit anywhere. Also when I click on a preset I download months back nothing happens it just opens up into a blank preset with nothing there.

Any suggestions?

Usually when that occurs, you likely have a filter applied. Remove all filters and you will see your downloaded presets in the Download folder (assuming you are connected / linked to the cloud).

Unfortunately that’s not the case. I’m trying a factory reset right now. Not sure if that will do anything.

It’s glitchy as hell. I have the same problem all the time. They’re just no where to be found and then they just appear one day scattered among “my captures” and “downloads” with no rhyme or reason.

Then sometimes it works perfectly. Idk what’s going on but its not just you. It’s a mess

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Exact same thing happens to me all the time.

Same here. But when that occurs I go to my profile and it is there. Then I click it there once again and then it appears in QC.

This must be a bug!



I’m stuck with this bug too but have managed to get around it by using the desktop app which seems to sync downloads with the box.

To do this, I had to crawl around the loft looking for my old printer because the “USB” is actually a printer connection.

The crap old band wifi, no USB or Bluetooth are serious limitations to the QC. I can see myself dumping this for the next gen of Kempers unless they fix these.

I have the same problem to, some captures are stuck in Downloaded, can not get them to My Captures…

Huh? How old is your computer? Might be time for an upgrade. :wink:

There is USB connectivity on the QC. What are you referring to?


I’ve also experienced the delayed appearance of Downloads on the QC. No logical timing to it, either.

There is no such thing like a “printer connection”. It’s still USB (to be exact: USB 2.0 Type B) …


I could understand a switch to Helix or Fractal, but Kemper? Its a completely different platform / approach and I doubt they will go the modelling route like the others do with their next product.

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Make sure the filter for what you’ve downloaded is correct, also there is a refresh button in the top left corner. When there is a new download, there is a little green dot. click the refresh button and it should then show up in your downloads. There are separate downloads section for presets and captures.

Once I paid attention to those things, I didn’t have any problems with downloads anymore, the entire process is surprisingly fast. Also, when I download something, I try it and if I don’t like it, I delete it right way, otherwise the folder will get over filled very quickly with junk.