Does Gojira/Plini X have higher CPU load?

From my tests, it seems that the older Gojira is lighter than the newer Gojira X.
I use the plugins in live shows, so performance is of utmost importance.

I used an Intel i5 6600k for testing, with latest Reaper.
Gojira X is taking around 4.5% CPU in Reaper’s Performance Meter and old Gojira takes around 3%.

I’m creating this thread to ask if this change is expected and if other users are also having this experience.

With several of the new features packed into Gojira X, I’m not surprised at all. But, a 1.5% CPU difference shouldn’t be cause for alarm…

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1.5% difference can add up if you have multiple instruments and each instrument has multiple plugin simultaneous instances to achieve gapless switching.

Not a cause for alarm, sure, but I’m asking because think I read on the release notes something like “improved performance”.

I was also wondering if the same perf difference is true on Apple Silicon CPUs and/or windows.

Fair. I would just like to point that “improved performance” can mean a whole plethora of different things; not just CPU usage.

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Perhaps someone from NeuralDSP team could clarify/confirm this. :pray: