Do these plug-in have compatibility with analog pedals?

I want to connect delay and reverb for Fortin NTS Suite in cubase

Yes, of course. You’ll need to use the send/return from your audio interface to your analog effect chain, then back to the interface.

You can also use digital delay/reverb plugins. Simply add the effects you want as an insert for the track using the Neural DSP plugin in the DAW.

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Do you mind sharing how to use send/return from audio interface to external pedals then back to the interface?

You need an interface that has at least 1 additional line input and output than what you’re using to record and monitor. If you’re recording 1 guitar input direct into the interface and using stereo monitors, then you need to have at least 2 total line inputs and 3 total line outputs. If you monitor in mono, then you need at minimum a 2in/2out interface - this is typical on entry level boxes.

Use the 4-cable method to route 1 interface output to your pedalboard (first pedal in chain). Route the pedal board output (last pedal in chain) through input 2. This is the same setup you would use for the fx loop in an amp.

Setup 2 input tracks in your DAW. Track 1 is the direct guitar input. Track 2 is the pedal board output.