Cubase and Neural DSP Plugin

I can’t seem to figure out how to route my Archetype Abasi into Cubase 11. Any tips?

It should be available under the “Other” category of insert effects within the channel…

I can find it there but why can’t I use it to record?

I’m not exactly sure what you mean… do you mean you’re not getting any sound from it?

Basically it works like any insert effect. Plug your guitar in to your audio interface, call up the Abasi effect on the track and hit the monitor button on the track (next to the track record arm button) so that you can hear the plugin in realtime, otherwise you won’t hear it until you playback the recorded track because the effect is not “printed” to the guitar, this effectively “dry tracks” the guitar, meaning that the guitar has no effects on it, which is great because you can tweak the sound up until you’re ready for mix down.

I’m not able to hear the plugin in Cubase and once I record, there are no effects on the guitar.

That’s odd… without seeing exactly what you’re doing it’s a little hard to know what’s going wrong… I could suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin, make sure everything is up to date etc… but essentially, it should just work… if you bring up the cubase amp sim, does it work?

Would a screenshot of the plugin in Cubase help you decode what’s going wrong?

I think it has to do with disallowing plugins with latency that increase the overall latency. (aka the clock icon in the upper left is yellow.) I noticed some odd behaviour, lately, as well, can’t put my finger on it. If you are not in record mode channel plugins with latency can be compensated by playing the audio “earlier” but this does not work with a live input, obviously.

The odd thing is that the ndsp plugin sometimes report no latency.

It’s worth a look in case you’ve overlooked something…

I used the ‘edit channel’ option to use Neural as a plugin and it seemed to have worked, however, now when I try to record, the signal cuts out in my monitors and I’ve been getting audio dropouts. This does not happen while recording with a microphone but it does when I have my guitar plugged into my interface. Would you know why?