Digitech Drop tune/Virtual Capo feature?

Hi all, new to the forum and very interested in the QC.

Coming from an FM3 this would be one of the deciding factors for me, does the QC have a virtual capo/digitech drop tune-like feature? And if so, does it work well/better than the FM3?

Would love to replace my digitech drop tune pedal (or any other pedals for that matter) and just rock the QC!

I’ve searched through the forums and haven’t seen anybody mention this as of yet.

Welcome to the forum! The quad cortex has a pitch shift and poly octaver. These can be set up to use with an expression pedal. The device list will be updated frequently so it’s worth putting any requests that aren’t featured on the QC there so the right people can look at getting it in the unit.

I used my tele in Standard E to record the following clip, then tuned it down to B through the Gojira Pitch Shift. Imagine what the Quad Cortex will be able to do.